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Scammer Sites

Unfortunately, my funds have ran out and I have not received any donations to keep going on this project other than researching sites. To many scammers and scam mining sites, scam telegram bots that did not payout. Without the funds to continue testing these sites, I do not feel like I can accurately judge the ones that look legit without testing them.
You can continue sending me emails and details on the sites you find that could be scams, and I will do my best to investigate them for you.

Also see my other post about making $250 per day or, if you are a Telegram user, see post on Telegram scammers. Names are listed as long as we already have all the information on the users.

I am having a hard time keeping up with all the new sites these scammers are pushing out. Just be aware of the referral sites that are offering you the chance to make $250-500 per day using exchanges. These are all scams and they are being created by the same person/people. They tell you to deposit no less than .005 bitcoin to exchange to another crypto to gain more. After you deposit, the site times out after 24 hours waiting for payment.

99% of all the sites and bots out there that ask for you to invest first before you get payout, are indeed scams. This is one problem with #cryptocurrencies, once you send the money, there is no return unless the receiver is honest and sends it back to you. You have no bank to go complain to.

If you are willing to donate to help me continue my project here, donations can be sent in any of the following cryptocurrencies. Most sites are asking for bitcoin as investment, but I can easily convert to bitcoin. Thanks for your donations.
Bitcoin: 1DYJ9KHeaQB3FG8LNNiPBPDGuBcRoN2rba
Ethereum: 0xc8DF6e9b99E045b8516a370b6Da63E7778bEEDb1
Bitcoin Cash: qzkrmlwyrsl7u8ue74lflwrjmggf3w6uluxwrft5ax
Litecoin: MTw1Jj4EmA9mcWH7r5uXSVsPKpG3ws1i5F
Stellar memo: 2017866893
Ripple XRP: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg
XRP tag: 1107258297XRP

If any site can be proven to be legit, send email to with verification to have it removed. this site has a great list of scammer sites involving all types of financial and identity theft sites.

Please take a few minutes to also read this page on how these scammers are working.

Click the links below to learn more about each of these sites. I will be adding information as I get it. Some of the sites have no information. I have tons of information on them all but have not had time to get it all added.

click on the letters below to lookup the site you are looking for. I had to separate them out due to the extremely large number of scam sites.


Published by scambusterbtc

Here to hunt down crypto scammers!

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  1. Unfortunately, with the popularity of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed so much that it has given rise to a lot of crypto scams as well. You must be already familiar with a lot of them promising high returns, quick turnaround time, extremely minuscule amounts of commission and fake trading bots. Whenever you see a website promoting such dubious activities, it is better to stay away from them if you want to save your money.


    1. Thanks for your input. As I am taking over this blog from the previous owner, I do not yet have the same knowledge he had, but to me, is also a scam site from a group out of Russia. The domain is a new domain. The UK registration does not show any officers, as it is supposed to have. The email addresses appear valid but are running through I would not invest in it.


  2. Hello,

    Right now, the site offers 2000 CNB ($ 200) if we register and verify our identity.

    Could you tell me if it’s a scam or not?

    Thank you in advance;


  3. It seems that exchange is a scam. I paid for the exchange and then I have not heard back from any of my inquiries since. I should have known better but sometimes when you need extra funds you tend to lose your senses about you a little. Please don’t let them take yours or anyone else’s money.


    1. Thank you! Yes, sorry to hear you found my site too late. I do have that site listed already. It is definitely a scam. That is the group that got me started with my venture here after a friend got scammed. Please help me prevent others from getting scammed as well by sharing my site on all your social media and telling friends or however you can spread the word. I have spent over 2 bitcoins testing hundreds of sites and scammed out of 99.9% of them. I know it is a waste of my own money but I am doing this to help people like you and hopefully stop scammers. Three arrests so far. Yay!


    1. Changelly is a exchanger that, from everything I can find, is legit. I would not use it to exchange between currencies though. I have used it to check and verify exchange rates to challenge the fake exchanges I find. I use Coinbase though to exchange between currencies.


    1. After doing a quick search on the site, it does look legit until you dig into the little things that jump out. Example: I tested the admin email shown at the bottom and it is an invalid email address. Doing a Whois search on the domain, it is hidden behind privacy services, which is another indicator of scam site.
      The interesting thing to me on this site is they have such a low minimum that a lot of people with think it is ok if I lose such a small amount. But, if a thousand people get scammed out of $10, that is $10,000.
      Do not invest in this site. I will get it added to my scam list.

      I also looked at the wallet for deposits and there have not yet been any transactions on it, yet they are showing all kinds of deposits and payouts.



      1. Yes, there have been many people scammed by that site. I wish everyone could see my blog before investing but in order for that to happen, I need as many people as possible to publicize the blog. Sorry to hear that you found my blog after you lost your money. I am working on gathering all the information I can on this group. If you could email all the documentation on your being scammed, it will help in the investigation. Thanks for submitting this.


  4. Hello all crypto users. Kindly please dont trust on site. This site referring you to 70% scam sites such as “Earn 300$ A day”. If this is true then all other world dont need a single job to do.


    1. is a scam. All of these exchangers where they are promising you that you can make money by exchanges like this are scams from the same group as my blog about making $250 per day. This group has a lot of these exchanger sites and they are all pointing back to the same bitcoin wallets.


      1. similar as & These all are 100% scam. I got scammed twice resulting in loss of 25 dollar BTC.


        1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate all of you that find sites like these to let me know and I will make sure they get added to the list. If you send me proof of your being scammed and I can verify it, I will try getting you reimbursed for your loss, if I get donations to cover your losses. So far, I have not yet recieved any donations, but just in case I do, I will have your information. You can always check my bitcoin address to tell.


  5. cointiply is not a scam i have been paid twice but not BTC, they pay with other crypto as BCH. Thanks for the site


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