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I am having a hard time keeping up with all the new sites these scammers are pushing out. Just be aware of the referral sites that are offering you the chance to make $250-500 per day using exchanges. These are all scams and they are being created by the same person/people. They tell you to deposit no less than .005 bitcoin to exchange to another crypto to gain more. After you deposit, the site times out after 24 hours waiting for payment.

99% of all the sites and bots out there that ask for you to invest first before you get payout, are indeed scams. This is one problem with #cryptocurrencies, once you send the money, there is no return unless the receiver is honest and sends it back to you. You have no bank to go complain to.

one of the tests I do for sites is find all email addresses associated to the site. I send emails to all of the addresses and see if they bounce back. If they do, easiest way to tell if the site is a scam.

If I do acquire enough #donations, I would like to start paying all my viewers for any information on #scams they find. Email them to and once I can verify the scam and get it added to the list, if I have the funds, you will get a small payment up to $50 in value of #btc. So, be sure to send your bitcoin address with the scam information.

Donations can be sent in any cryptocurrencies below: Donations will be used to test sites as well as help reimburse anyone who has been scammed as long as they can provide proof of scam.

Bitcoin: 1DYJ9KHeaQB3FG8LNNiPBPDGuBcRoN2rba
Ethereum: 0xc8DF6e9b99E045b8516a370b6Da63E7778bEEDb1
Bitcoin Cash: qzkrmlwyrsl7u8ue74lflwrjmggf3w6uluxwrft5ax
Litecoin: MTw1Jj4EmA9mcWH7r5uXSVsPKpG3ws1i5F
Stellar memo: 2017866893
Ripple XRP: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg
XRP tag: 1107258297XRP

If any site can be proven to be legit, send email to with verification to have it removed.

Many of these sites are affiliated with the scammer group shown in my other blog about making $250 per day or 2 bitcoins per day. this site has a great list of scammer sites involving all types of financial and identity theft sites.

This business license is shown on several of these sites. Nº11253260

Any sites listed below with only crypto addresses, I am still gathering information on these. I will be posting names and phone numbers, as well as any other personal information I have on all the individuals I am tracking soon.

Click the links below to learn more about each of these sites. I will be adding information as I get it. Some of the sites have no information. I have tons of information on them all but have not had time to get it all added here.

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Here to hunt down crypto scammers!

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  1. is a big scam. I lost 0.005BTC. Stay away from these scanners before you lose your hard earned coins.


  2. Hello all crypto users. Kindly please dont trust on site. This site referring you to 70% scam sites such as “Earn 300$ A day”. If this is true then all other world dont need a single job to do.


    1. is a scam. All of these exchangers where they are promising you that you can make money by exchanges like this are scams from the same group as my blog about making $250 per day. This group has a lot of these exchanger sites and they are all pointing back to the same bitcoin wallets.


      1. similar as & These all are 100% scam. I got scammed twice resulting in loss of 25 dollar BTC.


        1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate all of you that find sites like these to let me know and I will make sure they get added to the list. If you send me proof of your being scammed and I can verify it, I will try getting you reimbursed for your loss, if I get donations to cover your losses. So far, I have not yet recieved any donations, but just in case I do, I will have your information. You can always check my bitcoin address to tell.


    1. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it when you all let me know information like this. I want to keep this site as true as possible. Thanks. I will add it to my legit site page once I can verify.


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